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Diverse Angel community with a vision for creating greater financial independence. 

Syndicate with experienced investors that love investing in startups.

Creating access, independence and freedom through investing. 

D.E.A.L.S. Venture Group is a network of Serial Entrepreneurs that love backing diverse & disruptive early stage founders. We leverage our capital together to fund disruptive startups that we believe can yield you the financial freedom to go enjoy life.  

Investment Strategy

We invest as a community by pooling smaller checks to create access for more angels. We also eliminate the leg-work by handling the sourcing, diligence and execution. All you have to do is have your capital ready and decide if you like the deal or not. 


Pre-Seed to Seed


$100,000+ ARR

Sweet Spot

Last Check In

Check Size

$50,000 - $150,000

Strategic Partners




Value Add to Investors

  • Qualified deal Flow

  • Pre-vetted

  • Diligence

  • Deal Execution

  • $1,000 minimum investment


  • Active

  • Accredited

  • Seeking deal flow

  • Industry expertise

  • Serial Entrepreneur


  • Commit to investing a minimum of $10,000/yr

  • $1,000 minimum investment per deal

  • Leverage your expertise to support the startup

  • Help our community grow

Why We're The Last Check In

Aligning our capital with well-known funds & investors creates access to higher quality, pre-vetted deals. This enhances the probability for success and helps us deploy our capital more efficiently.

Become an LP. Invest in

Put your capital to work. Let us do the sourcing, vetting and deploying.

Maybe you're new to angel investing or you're a serial entrepreneur and don't have the time to do diligence and research on a deal.  If that's you then you should consider becoming an LP in DEALS Venture Fund and leveraging the experience of our core investment team to deploy your capital more efficiently.


But only if you fully understand the risks with venture investing and align with our mission.  We value real relationships & transparent partnerships over transactions. 

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