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We're a growing angel network & community of venture professionals!  


To connect ideas to capital & capital to ideas. 


Connecting diverse early stage founders to capital from diverse private investors or groups with an underrepresented focus.


We step in at the seed stage of innovative product, service or tech enabled ventures with proven traction, revenue and disruptive ideas or model to scale and hit growth milestones that will attract institutional investors.


Our Venture Community is relationship based.

Our venture group is unique because our business model is centered around deal sourcing & we take a relationship based approach to deal sourcing.

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We consistently build our networks with ambitious, business savvy & disruptive venture experts, startups & investors.

  • We leverage our network to source accredited investors to fund ventures at their seed stage.

  • We contract with startup ventures directly to help them meet their fundraising goals.

  • We help manage the relationship & deal flow process on both ends.


Startup Ventures

  • Save time sourcing investors

  • Streamline & manage deal flow process

  • Provide warm introductions to accredited investors who trust us

  • Marketing support & exposure

Private Investors

  • Save time sourcing quality investment opportunities

  • Streamlined & managed investment/deal flow process

  • Constant deal flow options

  • Support vetting the deals

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